Lands End Trail Hike

I had the day off of work today so I decided to take my dog hiking along the coast of San Francisco!


I thought this would be a good low-impact activity for me now that my leg seems to be doing really well and free of pain. San Francisco is blessed with the Lands End Trail-a gorgeous walking trail along the coast of the city with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, mountains and the beautiful ocean.



It ended up being a perfect day outside for a hike-the weather was mild, there was no fog or heavy cloud coverage so the sun was shining, and the water looked more blue than I think I have ever seen it here!


Marin Headlands

(The North Face Endurance Challenge takes place through these mountains..I can’t wait!)

We followed the “Coastal Trail”


I’m not exactly sure how far we went, but we walked for about an hour and a half. My dog, Emmi, finally got to take her picture with the Golden Gate Bridge:


Obligatory tourist photo

It isn’t a strenuous hike; however, there are a few hills and steep staircases. My dog is not a big fan of going up and down stairs because she has such long, skinny greyhound legs- but she did pretty well!


Dog’s eye view

Today reminds me why I love living in Northern California so much. It’s fun to live in a big city, but the accessibility to the beautiful outdoors is what I appreciate the most.



This is exactly why I was motivated to start running in the first place!

There were several runners along the path; I will definitely come back when I am able to train again! I’m enjoying having the gym membership but I can’t be stuck inside all of the time. I wasn’t running through the trails today, but it still made for a great day outside!


Now let’s get some food!




17 thoughts on “Lands End Trail Hike

  1. How is your greyhound for distance running? I’m thinking someday that’s the type I would like to have. I’m a marathoner 13-18 miles is a normal LNG run on Sundays.

    • My dog and I have run a mile or two together but I’ve never really taken her for a longer run. I know greyhounds are sprinters and I’m not sure that they are built for long distances. From what I understand they have enough energy stored in their muscles for small bursts of energy, but I don’t know how they would do over a longer period of time. You could definitely look in to it, but my little girl is pretty worn out after a short time. They are extremely affectionate and awesome though!!

  2. When I see the pictures of your greyhound I really miss ours. He looked a lot like her. What awesome dogs, just so well behaved, great temperaments. (you probably didn’t expect your comments to be all about greyhounds did you?)

    • You had a greyhound?? They are really amazing animals..I don’t think everyone knows exactly how well behaved and sweet they are. Whenever I take her out I get so many questions about her, a lot of people have never been around them. I don’t mind talking about greyhounds at all πŸ™‚

      • Greyhounds are the best kept secret in dog-dom. He was my wife’s dog when we got marriied — he was, a retired racer. He was retired when he was 2 which either means he wasn’t that fast or didn’t focus so well. I wasn’t sure at first, because greyhounds are not your typical slobber and jump all over you kind of dogs. Which now we have a couple of black labs who are exactly that… but oh man was he a great dog. He had what we think was a stroke a couple years ago – really miss him but so glad to have had him. I would definitely consider getting a greyhound again.

      • My girl was only 2 when I got her as well. I was told she didn’t want to leave the starting box so she never ran a race. I can so see it too..she is really stubborn! So sorry to hear about your dog! Dogs really make such a lasting impression on your life. I would definitely adopt another greyhound πŸ™‚

  3. I love days off work when you can just spend a beautiful sunny day outside. Best days!
    I was just in San Fran for my first time in May. We went for a run along the water and it was beautiful.
    I have never run a marathon and was considering it for October this year but I think my body prefers the half distance so will stick with that. Good luck in your race!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Awesome, I hope you enjoyed your stay! I love running along the water, I feel like I can run forever with that kind of a view! The half distance feels the best for me too. It’s challenging, but doesn’t quite take a toll on your body like a full marathon. I ran a full last March and during the race I swore I would never run more than a half again! Now I want to because I feel more mentally prepared, but we will see what I’ve gotten myself in to! Good luck with your training and thank you as well!!

      • Maybe one day then I will change my mind and run a full.

        We did enjoy our stay and hope to go back again in a few years. We have some other places on our list of things to see before we go back.

        Take care and happy running.

  4. Beautiful! SF is a wonderful place. I am jealous that you are able to run with your dog. I’ve always wanted a running buddy in dog form, but am deathly allergic to them 😦

  5. Your dog is gorgeous! I love greyhounds. Such gentle creatures for being so huge! I love hiking would definitely love to go to San Fran some day. I get to look forward to running in Dubai… Not sure how that is going to go but there is a huge scene for running there…

    • Thank you, she is such a sweet girl! San Francisco has so much to offer besides a big-city life and that is why I love it here. Interest..Dubai would be awesome. I’ve actually seen several running bloggers talk about running there!

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