Weekend Report!

It has now been two weeks since my last run, and I’m really happy to report that my leg is definitely on the mend! There is still a dull ache once in awhile, but I can finally tell it’s starting to heal. I’m not out of the woods yet, but it gives me hope! This weekend I wandered around the city, shopping and drinking random delicious beverages!


Jasmine Green Tea in Union Square

I toured another gym this afternoon after reading some promising reviews online. I’m looking for one that has a lap pool so I can start incorporating more cardio in to my workouts:


Club One

I wanted to shop around a little before I committed to 24 Hour Fitness and I’m really glad I did. Club One is cleaner and has a much larger, really beautiful indoor pool with skylights to brighten the room! It is $20 more a month than 24 Hour, but they also offer mat and reformer pilates classes so I’m pretty much sold. There wasn’t a membership representative on site today, so I have to go back to officially sign up. I’m really excited this may be my new home away from the road!

I was also able to finally find a gym-appropriate swim suit!


Check out the snazzy goggles and pool cap

I tried on a few different competitive-type Speedo swimsuits, but those were soo uncomfortably tight and unflattering! Like, I want to go home and cry unflattering. And I’m a small person. So I will leave the body-casings to the tri-athletes (bless your swimmer bodies) and I bought a nice, sensible Ralph Lauren swimsuit from Macy’s. It was on clearance for $32 marked down from $80. I haven’t worn a onesie suit since I was 11, but it looks good for lap-swimming and fits me like a glove-it was meant to be!

After touring Club One, I headed to Valencia Street and treated myself to a delicious lunch at a restaurant called Grub:


Turkey Burger and a glass of Sparkling RosΓ©

The bubbles cost more than the meal, but it was soo worth it! After I started running long-distances I have cut alcohol down to very rare occasions (which is interesting as I am a bartender..) but I have a weakness for wine. And chocolate. Lucky for me there is a chocolate factory right down the sidewalk to Grub:

July28DandelionChoco July28DandelionChocoTaste

Dandelion Chocolate

I grazed the free chocolate samples before I decided I should actually buy something..

In other news, my boyfriend competed in an East Bay jiu-jitsu tournament this weekend and brought home 2 medals!


So proud of him!

As far as my achievements this week, I have been keeping up with my Nike Training Club workouts…


..and I’m still feeling pretty fit. I will be participating in the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 20, so I need to keep the workouts going. I know I’m probably going to be walking a lot during the race because-even when I am able to start training again-I will have lost a lot of running fitness, and will be ramping up the mileage even more slowly coming back from an injury. But there were a lot of people not accepted in the random drawing, so I’m very fortunate and am still very excited for this event!



9 thoughts on “Weekend Report!

  1. Yay to your NWMSF! I know of a lot of people who entered (some this was their 3rd or 4th try) and the didn’t get in. This was my very first year entering and I got in. I have a group of friends/friends of friends in my group. So very excited to be apart of the race.

    I simply love lap swimming as part of my cardio. Unfortunately the closest gym that has a lap pool is about 25+ miles away, not cost effective with gas prices they way they are just to go and swim laps (I dislike working out in gyms with a passion. I think because I have worked at 2 in my past). As for your suit, very nice.

    I have loaded the NTC app but dragging my feet on using it. Some of those workouts scare me, or I don’t have the equipment for it. I guess I should just suck it up and do it, huh? πŸ™‚

    I look forward to seeing more posts on your training. #werunsf

    • I’m really excited to try swimming! I’m not thrilled with gyms myself either, which is why I started to run outside. But I think this is my best option for now, and I will probably utilize the pool, pilates and yoga classes more than the traditional gym equipment. This facility was nice and quite and the clientele looked like normal, everyday people too which I liked.

      Those 45 minute workouts on the NTC are HARD! And I’m using like the beginner level! Some of the workouts are redundant so it’s good to do other types of cross-training, but there are some really great strength training exercises I’ve learned from it.

      Thanks again for reading! Less than 3 months until the big day!

  2. yay, I’m running NWSF too! i’m kind of in the same boat…i’m dealing with ITBS so hoping that I’ll be able to run it ok…i barely made it last weekend through the sfgiants half.

    • Awesome! I’m so excited for this race, but unfortunately I won’t be able to run at all for another couple of weeks. I wish I could train more and really give it my best. But at least I got in! Sorry you are dealing with that! I started to experience ITBS symptoms during my last few runs while training for the full marathon. I ended up taking a couple weeks off of running before the race but the pain went away and I’ve never experienced it again. Sometimes a little rest is the best way to heal!

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