My Dream Races

This is a list of marathons that I would love love love to run in the future. I consider this my running bucket list!

Maratona di Roma


Go big, or go home right? One of my goals is to run an international race! There are so many events I would love to participate in (if I ever get in to the London Marathon I am soo there!). However, if I had to choose only one to do in my lifetime, I would pick the Maratona di Roma. Reviews of this race are mixed at times, but none the less positive. My reasoning for wanting to travel all the way to Italy to run 26.2 km: I’ve sadly never had the opportunity to travel anywhere outside of the United States, and I want to visit Rome more than any other place. What could be more amazing than crossing a finish line at the Colosseum!? The movie Spirit of the Marathon II follows athletes running this race, so I will definitely have to watch it!

New Yorkย  City Marathon

NYC Marathon

New York City is the ultimate big-city in the United States, and naturally hosts the ultimate running event in the US-and possible the world! What runner doesn’t dream of racing through the streets of New York with 2 million spectators to cheer you on? I entered the lottery this year but was unsuccessful. After 3 attempts you are granted automatic entry, so as long as I keep applying this will be a reality someday soon! Running for charity is a great opportunity too, so I’m keeping that in mind as well.

Boston Marathon


This is obviously a qualifying race and I am nowhere near ready, but that doesn’t mean I should rule out the Boston Marathon! Runners will train for years to earn their spot in this race; it would feel like such an accomplishment to be amongst those people!

Vancouver Marathon


I know I’ve already named my dream “international” race; perhaps I should have said “overseas” race-I really want to run the Vancouver Marathon! This is a non-US race as well; it’s just that I could drive there in a half of a day so it feels a little less..far-far-away. But that doesn’t lessen the experience! Vancouver looks so beautiful, and I would love to use this race as an excuse to road-trip and see Canada! Forbes also included this event as one of the top ten destination marathons in the world worth traveling for. I’m sold!

Seattle Marathon

space needle

Seattle is one of my favorite cities, so naturally I want to run the Seattle Marathon! It’s smaller for a major-city race but the course reviews are hands-down one of the best. The route is hilly and challenging, but I’ve read that it is absolutely beautiful and there is never a dull moment. At one point you even run over a floating bridge-sounds exciting to me!

This list will continue to grow with time, but for now these are my top 5 dream races! There are many others I look forward to participating in, but I hope one day to cross some of these off my list! All of the picture I used can be found on wikimedia commons..someday I will have my own to share ๐Ÿ™‚



13 thoughts on “My Dream Races

  1. Chicago looks fun just because of the atmosphere. The weather doesn’t appeal so much. The other one that I would put on my list is Sedona. The hills might kill me, but the view!

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  3. Hey Jamie, part of my motivation to run is for vacation races. My wife ran the half in SF in 2011, love SF. Above Ronald mentioned the Sedona marathon, we travel there all the time, even on shorter runs the altitude gets me. I hear Hawaii is an awesome one. Great post!

    • Thank you! I want to use running as a reason to travel as well. I was supposed to run in Kauai on September 1st but I’m recovering from an injury; however, I will definitely plan a trip back to Hawaii to race!

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  5. Great list Jamie ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve just come across your blog while doing some homework on the San Francisco marathon, I’m seriously considering doing it next year… I have a friend living in SF, who I visited 2 years ago.

    I love overseas marathons, and I guess living here in Ireland allows me to “country hop” relatively easily, especially with cheap fares from Ryanair! I’ve done Lisbon, Toronto, Malta and Paris so far.. Berlin next month, Amsterdam in October and Istanbul in November. Also looking at Marrakech for January, funds permitting.. It combines my 2 passions of running and travel.

    • Hi Conor!

      I hope you decide to run the San Francisco Marathon, it is definitely worth traveling for! You have quite a list of races under your belt, that is amazing. A friend of mine from SF will be running Berlin with you next month! I visited Ireland for the first time this past May and LOVED it! Ryan Air is so affordable, it does make travel can actually be quite expensive just traveling from state to state in the US, we don’t seem to have anything quite as nice here. Hope to see you at SF next year, thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Running!


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