Survival Plan

There are about 4 1/2 weeks to go before I will even potentially be able to run again. In running weeks (kinda like dog years?) that’s forEVER from now! In non-overdramatic terms, however, that’s not really very long at all. But I’m definitely concerned about losing the motivation and fitness it takes to be a runner. So, I’ve brainstormed a survival plan for myself to occupy my time productively and get me to through these next few weeks!

The Plan

#1. Join a gym

I haven’t had a gym membership in several years, but this seems like my best option for keeping fit while injured. I was able to obtain a free trial membership at 24 Hour Fitness and it has the amenities I would need!

Lap pool

I’m probably most excited to make use of the indoor swimming pool! I’m really looking forward to swimming laps, or trying out one of their “Aqua” fitness classes in the water. I’m in the market for a more athletic-style swimsuit too, as anything with “strings” will probably not stay in place while being active in the pool.

Yoga classes


Poster outside of the Oakland Museum of California

Yoga is so good for the runner’s body, and it’s also great physical therapy for the injured! I do wish they offered pilates, but perhaps I can find a class at another location.


When the time is right, I will be able to start using the stationary bikes, and eventually even the elliptical. I should have been doing these cross-training activities in the first place, so this will only complement my training in the long run.

#2. Nike Training Club app


I’ve brought this up before, but I really like this app. These workouts are fast-paced and effective. I’m being very careful to avoid any exercises that could irritate my injured shin, but I’m still working up a sweat! I stocked up on a few more goodies that are needed to maximize these workouts:


The clerk at Target made fun of me for buying such light weights..but I’m just getting started!

#3. Foam Roller

A sports therapist said to massage and foam roll my injured leg as much as I can. It always hurts while foam rolling, but feels so amazing afterward. I’ve also tried to make it a habit to use the roller before and after a workout to help ease tension.

Speaking of massage and tension…

#4. Get a massage!

I have never once had a professional massage! However, my best friend bought me a massage as a congratulations for finishing my first marathon (best friend ever, right?). That was almost 5 months ago and I still haven’t used it! I think it’s time to treat myself…

#5. Read

Now that rest is a very real part of my recovery it’s time to catch up on some reading! My injured-runner booklist:

1. Born to Run


Because I am.

2. Running Like a Girl


Because I do.

One Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea


Green Tea is my coffee.

#6. Update blog!

I’ve been a relatively consistent running blogger until my injury; once the running was taken from the blogger I felt a little lost. But this has been such a positive, creative outlet for me and I don’t want to lose that. Being an injured runner is part of my being a runner!

#7. Take care of myself!

Diet & Nutrition

It took me awhile to learn to eat as a runner (yay carbs!), but my appetite has lessened since I stopped burning 1000 calories at a time. I’m pretty good at eating a healthy diet, but now more than ever I need to make sure I get plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, and calcium to heal.


Not just rest from running, but sleep and relaxation. Lately, I haven’t been sleeping as well-perhaps it’s the drop in intense cardio, or the long hours at work-but this is essential for me to make a swift recovery!

I know there will be more to add to this list, but staying proactive and positive is key!



4 thoughts on “Survival Plan

  1. Maybe throw a movie into the mix. If you haven’t seen it, “Heart of the Marathon” is pretty cool, a documentary following a handful of people through their training for the Chicago Marathon. Born to run is definitely worth the read. The pool is a great idea – good place to be able to keep working out without the stress on the joints. Good luck!

    • I will definitely add the movie to the list of things to do! I’ve heard from so many people Born to Run is great, I’ve read the first few chapters and so far it’s pretty engaging. Thank you for the feedback, I can’t wait to heal this leg!

      • My wife is going in to get her knee looked at today, it’s been acting up, and she hates the thought of being sidelined. Being laid up like that would just feel like a disaster for me so I don’t envy you a bit.

      • Oh no, good luck to her!! It is definitely disheartening at times, but I know this is for the best. And now I’m finding I have more time to try out new activities to keep me active, so it hasn’t been all bad πŸ™‚

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