Portland Marathon Registration: Done!

I’ve made it official: my second full marathon will be on October 6 in Portland, Oregon!

Portland Marathono

I got on my computer and finally took the plunge and registered!

Portland Confirm

No…thank you!

12 weeks until race day!

  I’ve been loosely following a training plan I saw in Runner’s World specific to this race. I’m not overly dedicated to one training schedule because I don’t want it to feel like a chore, and sometimes work or life just gets in the way (or one too many glasses of Pinot). I don’t think there is a completely right or wrong way to train for a marathon-my goal is to just get out there and run! But 3 training runs a week plus one weekly long run seems to suit me well.

My longest run for this training camp so far has been the half marathon I ran a few weeks ago. Since then I did back down on the mileage for my weekly long runs-I don’t think this is good or bad, it was just what my body was telling me to do!

Today’s Run: 10 miles, 1 hour 28 minutes

Since I have an official date and race set for my full, I felt better than ever on my 10 miler today:


I chose the “unstoppable” emoticon for today, because I was

I wasn’t a speed demon or anything, but I felt consistently great for the duration of the run. I was also run running on empty, having waited 3 1/2 hours after eating a very small meal before setting out. I know some people can’t run after eating, but I generally like to start within the hour after my meal-my body just doesn’t seem to hold on to calories for very long or something. I was starving but just kept telling myself this was an endurance exercise for the last portion of the marathon when my body runs out of fuel!

Since I can’t use GU gels (they make me embarrassingly ill to my stomach), I brought along some of this deliciousness from Trader Joe’s to help me out:


They are chewy but easy on my stomach, and full of tasty calories.


I’m discovering I really love running by AT&T Park. This is a newer route for me and most of it is along the water. I can run FOREVER alongside the ocean. And give me a bridge to run on any day:


Not the Golden Gate, but adequate

I’m psyched about running a marathon in Portland. Besides all of the rave reviews I’ve heard about the race (swag galore!), I’m really excited to visit a new city. My boyfriend, the dog and I (hopefully some friends too??) are going to road trip up to Oregon, explore the area, maybe purchase some tax-free MacBooks, and I’ll run a marathon. Another run-cation to look forward to 🙂



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