Nike Women’s Marathon Training begins!

Yesterday’s Run: 6 miles 53 minutes


I set out on my run yesterday with the intention of running 5 miles, but I ended up running 6! I ran to AT&T Park (home of the SF Giants!) for the first time and somehow missed a turn on the way back and got a little lost. I managed to find myself running up, up, up hills in an area aptly named Potrero Hill. I’m glad this happened-I’ve been neglecting my hill training as of late and could use the push. I didn’t set any personal records by any means, but it was a productive mid-week run!


106 miles in my shoes so far!

Nike Women’s Marathon Training

I was lucky enough to secure a spot in the NWM this year, and the official training camp for this race began on Monday. The race organizers have provided all of the participants with a training app specific to this event:

NWMTrain NikeTrainingGoal NWMRaceInfoApp

We Run SF training app

This is such a great motivating tool! The app contains a week by week training plan, tracks training runs and strength training (via the Nike Training Club app), and provides race-specific information, such as a course map, to registered runners.

You were able to select a goal for this race: “set a PR”, “finish a race” or “lead the pack.” I selected just finish because 2 week prior I will be running a full marathon and have no delusions of setting a half marathon PR in hilly San Francisco 2 weeks later 😀 The training plan provided with this selection is probably more catered to a very new runner (the first run was 1 mile). I won’t be following this plan exactly as I am training for multiple races, but the app does sync with Nike+ to record my training runs.


New Toys!

I also discovered the Nike Training Club, a strength training app targeted to women. It provides users with 15, 30 or 45 min workouts, and will sync with the We Run SF app. I haven’t been super-focused on strength training lately; I was going to mat pilates classes with a Groupon I had purchased, but that expired several weeks ago. I haven’t done any of the longer workouts yet, but so far I think this is convenient and effective supplement training.

Niketrainer Workouts triceps

You select the time and type of workout you want and the app will guide you through a workout-it’s like a personal trainer for your phone! Some of the exercises require weights and/or a medicine ball; I purchases a couple of inexpensive weights at Target to give some of the arm workouts a try (see my new toys above!) There are also short instructional videos to demonstrate the individual exercises. For the cost of “free” I think this is a nice deal 🙂

Kudos to the NWM for making this event so interactive and exciting..I can’t wait for race day!



6 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Marathon Training begins!

    • Congrats!! Aren’t we all excited to see the necklace?? I think this race is going to be a blast. I would definitely recommend checking out the app(s)’s just kind of fun & motivating 🙂

  1. I’m using the app as well! Haven’t loaded the Nike Club app as I’m doing other strength and cross training workouts for now. I love the Nike+ app and find myself getting competitive with friends on there for weekly/monthly miles. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and commenting. Good luck on your training for all your upcoming races!

    • I love the Nike+ app too! I was surprised by the workouts in the NTC, they are actually really effective. I’m not using it for all of my strength training either, it’s just great to have for a quick focused workout at home! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog as well!

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