Registered! The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon


The North Face Endurance Challenge, 1/2 Marathon

Well, it looks like I am FINALLY going to run my first trail race! I trained for this same event last year but due to an unexpected crazy storm the half marathon was cancelled. We all received comped entry in to this year’s race, and now I am officially registered! I can’t wait to hit the trails and train!

Muir Woods

Trail run in Muir Woods, picture taken last November. Beautiful!

Today’s Run: 4 miles, 35 minutes


Easy run today. I’m really working on running a negative split. I have a habit of starting a race way too fast and tiring out half way:



I’m really challenging myself with 4 upcoming races. I still feel like such a running newbie, I’m not sure how my legs will hold up-but I couldn’t be more excited to make this happen!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!



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