My Lunch Date

Today’s Run: 7.27 miles, 1 hour 5 minutes


I originally intended on a 10 mile run today, but due to work schedules (and my right knee!) it was cut back to a 7 miler. My boyfriend and I ran a very popular route in Golden Gate Park. When I trained for the Napa Valley Marathon earlier this year, I did most of my long runs here-it’s very outdoorsy and quiet with the luxury of drinking fountains and restrooms! One loop around is great; 2 or 3 become very tedious. I’m going to expand my horizons and try to find some new scenery for the long runs I’m about to tackle in the next few months!

After my run, I needed some food so I took my greyhound to the Embarcadero. Yup, that’s right: I have a greyhound. My dog likes to run too. We first had lunch on the grass:


Then we did some sight-seeing. I took her out on Pier 14 so she could get a better view of the Bay Bridge:


Another successful run, another successful day. Happy Sunday!



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