Running around Lake Merritt

Today’s Run: 3.15 miles, 26 min

Oakland skyline

Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

Today my boyfriend and I took BART to Oakland to run around Lake Merritt. I had planned on a 4 miler, but the circumference of the lake is just over 3. We could have kept going but by the time we did one lap around I was HUNGRY.

I maintained an average of 8 min 28 sec/mile which is great for me. I was running about 10 min/mile just a year ago so I’ve definitely made progress:


I discovered this route during the Oakland Running Festival-the last few miles of the marathon are around the lake. This is the first time I have been back since, and it could become a regular route for me. The course is mostly flat and the scenery is so pretty!

fleetofducks                            oaklandminibridge

                       A fleet of ducks                                                                    Along the water

I’ve only been to Oakland a couple of times, but every time I go I’m always curious to see more. After the loop around the lake it was time to explore. Like I said, I was HUNGRY. Lucky for us we stumbled upon food trucks parked at the Oakland Museum of California!

Oakland Museum


All the delicious food!

Little did we know every Friday evening the Oakland Museum hosts a half-off admission event with beer, wine, music and Off the Grid food trucks. We feasted on BBQ sliders, a Peruvian burrito and coconut water. I wish there was a food truck festival at the end of EVERY run I do! We didn’t go in to the museum (or have enough money for wine, meh) but I we will definitely be back for this event!


See you again soon, Oakland!



3 thoughts on “Running around Lake Merritt

  1. I went to that lake recently for a birthday party. It is a very nice area! I think Oakland doesn’t get enough credit for all the good things about it.
    Good job on the run! I too was at about a 10 min/mi pace at this time last year and now my races are averaging about 8:30-9 min/mi. Yay 🙂

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