San Jose Half Marathon 2012

Weekend Training:

Fri: 4 miles, 34 min

Sun: 8 miles, 1hour 10 min


I was so excited about getting in to the Nike Women’s Marathon I forgot to record Friday’s run! It was a sweaty 4 miles through the swamp that is San Francisco this week:


I felt stronger on my Sunday evening 8 miler, possibly because it had cooled off some by the time I started running around 6:45 pm:


I accidentally paused my Nike app for about 2 blocks so there is a little break in my map, I’m sadly not magic

I remember the first time I ran 8 miles-how intimidating and tiring it was. I’m really proud of the progress I have made-tonight my run was energetic and fun. It’s never easy, I’m just a better runner ๐Ÿ™‚

Review time!

I’m continuing my race reviews with my second half marathon. I’ve covered all the more recent events so now that I’m heading back to my 2012 memory they probably won’t be as complete so this recap will be brief-ish!

Race Review:ย Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon October 7, 2012


Rich & I

This has been the only race I have run with the popular Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series so far. My overall impression was that the RnR San Jose Half Marathon takes a very non-intimidating approach to a race: the fun, festivities and longer allowance for finish times (6 hours to finish the half) all take away a lot of the pressures of being a super-stellar runner: it’s about promoting running or walking, training and the enjoyment of fitness. This is the only race I don’t recall feeling any sense of nervousness, and I slept a record 4 hours the night before!

Expo: The expo was held at the San Jose Convention Center. It was a good size with a lot of vendors and all the usual free samples. The Spartan Race was giving away a free entry to the person who did the most burpees that day. Rich (see above) was 1 burpee away from winning!



This race was all about the medal. If this is the only RnR race I ever run, I’m OK with that because I don’t think they could top a cassette tape medal. The tech shirt was by Brooks. I enjoyed the retro-microphone design, but I ordered a women’s small and it fit too short like a kid’s sized shirt. So I don’t think I’ve ever worn it to run in.

The Race: I ran this half marathon with a bad knee and a slight fever. Running was probably not what the doctor ordered but it was my boyfriend’s first half marathon and I was not going to miss it! Yeah, I’m hardcore. We decided to drive to the start line in the morning instead of staying in San Jose. We left San Francisco with more than enough time to make the hour drive, but the off ramp of the freeway to the race was backed up for at least another half hour. Parking was another nightmare so we started the race late, but so many other people were in our same boat.

The RnR course is designed to be motivating and entertaining and San Jose definitely delivered on this front; there were tons of cheer stations and bands to accompany the entire course!

The Breakdown


Me, Rockin ‘n’ Rollin’

Miles 1-4: The race starts with a run through downtown San Jose. By the time we got to the beginning everything was already being torn down. We were stopped just past the starting line and had to load up in a van and wait for other late runners. They dropped us off maybe a half a mile in to the race at the end of the pack. Sluggish start for me. I remember running about 9 min/mile, which wasn’t too bad but I was not feeling very well.

Miles 4-9: I really hit my stride and forgot I was sick for a little while! The crowd support in San Jose was what made this race, it was probably the biggest turnout I’ve experienced so far. If I remember correctly, this portion of the race takes place largely in the residential neighborhoods and tons of people came out of their houses to cheer!

10-13.1: The sun’s heat was coming down and I could tell the runner’s high had worn off. The race headed back in to the downtown area for the last few miles. The crowd support really helped me and I was able to push to the end without stopping!

I have no idea what our finish time was given the rough start. But it really didn’t matter, this race was about exploring a new place and Rich experiencing his first half marathon! Neither of us had been to San Jose before. Downtown is actually really clean and pretty! We got to see the HP Pavilion for the first time (Go Sharks!), and discovered the best pho in the world (Pho 69 is now a staple of visits to San Jose). This is what running is all about for me- motivating me to run, travel and explore! *see the tagline to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚




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