Good luck to San Francisco Marathon Runners!

Race day is finally here!


Tomorrow I will run the first half of the San Francisco Marathon! My boyfriend and I attended the expo this afternoon to pick up our bibs and graze the free Clif Bars.

There was a tribute banner for Boston to sign:


When you think of marathons and runners, whose thoughts don’t revert to the Boston Marathon? I know it’s just a small gesture, but I hope that even a little comfort and sense of support can be derived-for someone, somewhere who needs it.

This will be the second year in a row I have run this race. I know what to expect of the course so I am not nearly as nervous this time around. Last year I was certain I would come in last place and/or fall behind the 3 hour time limit and some race monitor in a golf cart would have to scoop up my pathetic body off the street after falling flat on my face trying to run up one of the dreaded hills. Nothing of the sort happened and I actually finished respectably at 2:08. The hills can be tiring but nothing unbearable. I would like to beat my time this year, but the one goal I always have (besides finishing!) is to sprint to the end:


See, PROOF I sprinted to the end

Being with all of the other runners today made me equally excited and anxious. I’m ready for the energy of the starting line and the excitement of the finish. And I can’t wait to run the beautiful, beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Good luck to anyone running tomorrow!



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