Bay Runner

Today’s Run: 12 miles 1 hour 51 minutes


Bay Bridge

Sooo happy to report my training for the SF Half Marathon is pretty much complete. I did my final training long run of 12 miles and I feel ready to run next Sunday! I’ve read to take longer training runs slower than race pace so I’m satisfied with my finish time. I would really like to get my half marathon time under 2 hours, but with those hills you never know! I definitely got my uphill practice in today; I ran Bernal Heights again, which features some nice inclines.


Looking down on foggy SF

The weather was damp and cooler than I’m used to running midday in the Mission, but this was much closer to simulating race day conditions at 5:30 am.

I don’t taper much before a half marathon (12 miles the week before might not be the recommended ideal) but I will just focus on a couple short runs, hill work, stretching and strengthening this week. And of course carbs..yes!

San Francisco has transformed me in to an (recreational) athlete. I had never run more than 2 miles before I moved here just a short time ago. The year-round mild weather, parks, trails and picturesque views of the Bay provide the perfect conditions for outdoor running. I’ve run in San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City, Napa, Muir Woods; all these beautiful backdrops are within an hour or so away. I want to travel to other places to run (hello Hawaii!), but I will be representing the Bay!




4 thoughts on “Bay Runner

    • Yes, I ran the first half last year! There are 2 bigger hills before the Golden Gate Bridge that are somewhat steep but not horrible. And they stationed people right on them to cheer so that helps. After mile 10 or so there are several inclines to get through the Richmond District. I don’t think they were as steep but more frequent so they gave my tired legs some trouble. The course has some challenges but it’s definitely worth the experience!

  1. Thanks for the insight, and good to know that it wasn’t too horrible! Looking forward to the race…can’t believe it’s in 6 days!

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