Sunday Funday #2

Today was a true rest day for me-no running and no work. The only fitness goal I had was to make up for those calories I lost on my 10 miler yesterday.

I took BART downtown to Union Square to do some shopping. I wanted to find a sports armband for my phone but was unsuccessful. I am always in the market for new athletic gear though so I picked up a few items:


My finds: Puma messenger bag from Lady Footlocker. Reflexology workout pants from Marshall’s. Roxy Athletix tank top with cool racing stripe down the back (maybe it will make me run faster! ). Also from Marshall’s.

2 weeks from today I will run the first half of the San Francisco Marathon! Then, September 1st my boyfriend and I head to Hawaii to run the Kauai Half Marathon (and enjoy a few Mai Tais). I also have entry in to the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon in December because it was cancelled last year.

That leaves me with my next big decision: what full marathon will I run in the fall? I’m ready and determined to train. My goal is to run my second marathon by the end of 2013. My name was not drawn in the New York Marathon lottery (3 rejections and then it’s automatic entry though!) I have some ideas (Portland maybe? Nike Women’s Marathon?) but it’s time decide!

Happy Sunday!



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