Hills, Stairs & Trails

Today’s Run (5/30/13): 3.12 miles 34 minutes

Hill work day! San Francisco is famous for it’s hilly landscape so it is easy to find all levels of inclines to practice on. Today I ran Bernal Heights, a great little hill about a mile away from my house. This was a short training run I used when I prepared to run the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon last year. (Which was cancelled 😦 )


Trail view of San Francisco from Bernal Hights

This 3 mile course begins with a half mile flat run, which is a great warm up before the uphill battle begins. The first hill is a long and steep climb:


Folsom St.

I have yet to make it all the way up this incline without stopping to walk and catch my breath a couple of times!

At the top is Bernal Heights. This mini mountain gives a ton of training options: there is a paved road that winds around the hill, stairs to climb and trails to explore. I decided to do everything!



Admittedly I stopped a lot to rest, stretch, take pictures and enjoy the view.


My first iPhone pano of San Francisco from the top of Bernal Heights

The downhill journey is much faster and easier as far as cardio, but the steep decline kills my knees. The final half mile is a flat, fast run back home.

I really, really dislike running hills but I appreciate the necessity to train on them. Especially when preparing to run the hilly first half of the San Francisco Marathon!!



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