Race day is getting closer!

Yesterday’s Run: 3.93 miles 35 min


Yesterday I was going to just run a 5K before work but it ended up being a little bit longer (go me!). My boyfriend and I were able to run together which is awesome. It’s always easier for me to run without headphones when I’m with someone else, and a lot more motivating. He can run a lot faster than I can so I always push myself to keep up! This is a new route for me in the city; there were fewer traffic lights but still enough to slow us down some. There were, however, a few nice low inclines to tackle on this run, and a view of the ocean at the turn-around point. Overall an easy, successful day of training.

There are  just 19 days left to prepare for the San Francisco Half Marathon. The remaining training days are going to be very focused. Goals for the week:

  • Hills: It has been almost 2 weeks since my last hill training session so I need to add one to my schedule this week.
  • Stretching & Strengthening: Yoga & Pilates
  • 10 mile long run

I am so excited for June 16th!



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