Sunday Funday!

Today was mostly a rest day for me. I did get out my yoga mat for some stretching and at-home physical therapy with my foam roller. More importantly though I went shopping! I really don’ t have a lot of good workout clothes, especially for running so I’m trying to make it a point to stock up when I can. I’ve been running in old t-shirts that I’ve had for years now. That’s one great thing about running-it really isn’t an expensive sport (minus the cost of good running shoes-my first pair of Asics saved my feet). The most expensive t-shirt isn’t going to make you run any faster. HOWEVER, I’ve got marathonfoto to deal with in a few weeks…might as well look my best!


My finds: 2 Z by Zella tank tops from Nordstrom Rack. I couldn’t choose between blue or pink so I chose both. Puma athletic socks, also from Nordstrom Rack. Under Armour “Run” tee from Sports Authority clearance rack.

Happy Sunday!



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