Learning to use my iPhone 5 (and I ran 9 miles!)

Today’s Run: 9.04 miles 1 hour 18 min


2 things happened today: I ran a PR for my 9 mile run AND I learned to take a screen shot on my new iPhone 5! (I had to google “how to take a screen shot on my iPhone” but hey, I know how to do it now. Lots more to come!)

Since I was in the area I decided to run Lake Merced again today.  It was a beautiful breezy and sunny day; perfect running weather. I had tons of energy despite getting less than 6 hours of sleep last night (I prefer my 8 hours of beauty rest!) I ran a 4.5 mile clockwise loop around the lake, then I turned back around for another 4.5 miles in the opposite direction. It helps take away the monotony of running the same loop twice.

Along the course I passed by a guy running in the opposite direction of me wearing a bright orange shirt that said “Running Sucks.” I laughed and gave him a little thumbs-up and he was smiling. I saw him again near the end of my run and he looked pretty happy still. I think he actually likes to run.

I am currently reading the novel “Born to Run.” I was told I “have” to read this book as it has become the sort-of philosophical manifesto for runners. So far so good. The last chapter I read described a 95 year-old man who hiked 25 miles over a mountain. The book describes why he was able to achieve this feat:

“Because no one ever told him he couldn’t. No one ever told him he ought to be off dying somewhere in an old age home. You live up to your own expectations.”

Amazing. Something to tell myself the next time I run a marathon and hit the wall!



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