Lake Merced run

Today’s Run: 4.36 miles 38 min

Easy run today around Lake Merced. I actually ran 4.5 miles but couldn’t get my Nike app to record until after the run started! This lake in Daly City, CA is a great training run as it is almost exactly 4.5 miles around. It is much more remote and less congested than a run in the city (and no stoplights!), but there are always plenty of people out running and exercising to feel safe in the daytime. Plus, the view of the lake is serene (I promise myself to take more pictures!).


The first half of my run was straight in to some seriously strong wind, but I was able to make up some time on the return loop back to my car. A friend joined me and I was able to keep a conversation going so my cardio must be in good shape. All in all a successful mid-week run!

In more exciting news, my boyfriend and I purchased plane tickets to Hawaii in the fall to run the Kauai Half Marathon September 1st!

To me, running and adventure go hand in hand. This will be the first time I travel to run, and what a better place to run than in paradise? Hike a volcano, run a half marathon and drink some pina coladas. The good life.



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