New Goals

Today’s Run: 3.15 miles 29 minutes

Being able to run the streets of San Francisco is amazing, yet the biggest drawback is there are stoplights about every .1 miles. This definitely affects my overall finish time with all the stops and starts throughout but I’m really happy with my 5K training run today. When I started running last year my aim was about 10 min/mile. I am running the same 3.1 mile course as last year but now I’m running in the 8.5-9 min/mile range (thank you Nike running app)! Next 5k training run I want to do it without traffic interruptions to get an accurate time.

It takes a long time to build up your long-distance running endurance, but I realized today the subtle improvements I’ve made. Last year I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to finish a half-marathon; Now I’ve made it a new goal to not only finish a half marathon but get my finish time under 2 hours. And I actually believe I will be able to do it!



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