First Post!

After completing four half marathons and one full marathon in 8 months I’ve decided to officially call myself a runner (hooray!). I took some down time to recover after running the Napa Valley Marathon THEN the Oakland Running Festival half (reviews pending!) two weeks later. For a newbie like me that was taxing physically and mentally. But now round 2 of my running (career?) has begun and I feel ready to take on the next year of races.

There are 4 weeks left until the San Francisco Marathon and I will be running the first half for the second year in a row. I really want to beat my time last year (2:08). Even though this was my first race and a lot of it is uphill, this is still my PR for a half! I’m a little behind on my training schedule (as usual) so I’ve decided to track my workouts, progress and goals with this blog. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and give my training some much-needed structure.

Happy Sunday!



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